Gintelligence Potion

It feels like nothing goes better together than tea and a book doesn't it? Curling up on the couch, immersing yourself in a new adventure, sipping on a soothing blend while you do it...

tea + books = happiness

Well what if I told you there was something else you could add to the combo to really take things to the next level? I'm sure you know where I'm going here!

tea + books + alcohol = BLISS

Just imagine that whole book / tea scenario from before but with the added bliss when you're sipping on a summer cocktail. And let me tell you, I think I might just have discovered the summeriest, soothing-est cocktail of them all! Introducing the Gintelligence Potion!

This cocktail uses the Ravenclaw-inspired 'Eagle' blend with gin for a soft twist on a classic gin and tonic. Perfect for balmy afternoons and summer evening barbecues.


gintelligence cocktail.PNG


serves two

1. Steep your tea.

Place four teaspoons of our 'Eagle' tea blend in a jug and steep in 150mL of boiling water for 5 mins. This will give you a tea mixture that is stronger than you would normally steep, but that's because you're about to add cold water to it! If you're serving more people simply multiply the quantities accordingly.

2. Chill it.

Add 150mL of cold water and place jug in the fridge until chilled.

3. Strain out the tea leaves.

Once you've taken the leaves out you can actually leave your iced tea in the fridge for as long as you need. Say, for example, you have a dinner party planned and you want to get some tasks done ahead of time, you could even make this the day before and leave it in the fridge until you're ready to serve! Savvy, huh?

4. Add some sparkle.

Add 400mL of mineral water or soda water to your tea mix.

5. Add your alcohol.

If you're serving in individual glasses, add 1 shot of gin to each glass. If you're serving in a jug, add two shots of gin to your serving jug.

6. Squeeze in some lemon.

Add a little squeeze of fresh lemon juice for some extra tang.

7. Serve with a flair.

We recommend serving this cocktail with some slices of lemon, either a slice in each glass or a few slices in your cocktail jug. You could also try serving with some fresh lavender flowers or even some floral ice cubes to take your fancy to the next level!


cocktail time.PNG
the eagle tea.PNG
cocktail time.PNG

So there you have it! A summery, lavender-infused G&Tea cocktail to spice up your evenings! Let us know what you think of our first cocktail recipe in the comments, and we'd love to see your brews on Instagram with the hashtags #whatanoveltea and #gintelligence!

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